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Having a website, and using it ...

We get lots of visitors but they don't do anything when they get here, how do we solve this?

Your aim should be to inform and persuade. It should be very simple and clear from the text, graphics and navigational aids in your website what actions you want your prospect to take. Selling your product, service, subscription, brand or information is your ultimate goal. By selling we mean in terms of the currency you use. It might be Euros but it could be downloads or page impressions depending on what the goals and objectives of your site are.

Apply this to your website:

  • Define your goals and get the tools to implement the objectives. If your goals are ten sales of your product per month you need a secure tested online system adapted specifically to your needs. If your goals are gathering information about your prospects or branding you might want to consider a [CRM] Client Relationship Manager application, again suited to your requirements. This will tell you when and how to react to your visitors/prospects.

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