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Having a website, and using it..

We have loads of information on our website but no-one seems to read it?

Cut down on overproduction and focus on what's important to your visitors. It's not about producing reams of marketing material about who you are and what you're doing. Yes, this is necessary in the contact section of your website but the important thing overall is to focus your material on your visitors. Do not try to massage anyone's ego, there is a job of work to be done.

Apply this to a website:

  • Find out what your visitors main problem is and state this on your first page. Then when you told them what the problem is gradually warm them to your solution. For instance Can you put content online without paying a fortune to your advertising agency ? ... Yes you can - with eWrite™ Essentials.
  • Cut down on the information which is not useful to make your prospect become a visitor.

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