Based in Cork, We specialize in dynamic, database-driven web sites and applications.
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 >>> about eWrite™ - the company

Offer Closes
1st August 2009

eWrite™ Lite is our latest content management system to service the small business sector.

With eWrite™ Lite you have all the functionallity you need to update your own web site content.

See if you qualify for our introductory offer >>> here.

We believe that "...  a team approach will offer more innovative
online software and services than individual web developers,
designers can provide working separately."

At eWrite™ we specialize in developing and maintaining dynamic, database-driven web sites. Once set up, many of our sites can be managed and updated with little further technical assistance.

Initially, our focus had been to work as a stand alone company but
we now see the potential of working with a network of talented IT professionals operating out of Dublin & Cork, Ireland.

In early 2008, we developed new channels to market to facilitate the distribution of eWrite™ Lite and eWrite™ Messenger. These are now delivering a growing number of new clients from the small to medium enterprise sectors.

Our focus for 2009 and beyond will be to grow our eWrite™ Service Online Network (ESON) as a virtual company. With a new drive and determination we now want to add people with expertise and applications to our network particularly in Belfast, Waterford, Limerick/Kerry and Galway.  

Good communication develops good business relationships

For the larger websites, wishing to provide their visitors with the opportunity to interact with them, we offer an active online support programme and/or a full outsourcing service depending on individual requirements and budgets.

Our latest eWrite™ software - eWrite™ Lite and eWrite™ Messenger is based on three years of development work and feedback from our clients.

eWrite™ helps clients edit and publish e-newsletters, and provides an appropriate range of promotion, marketing and graphic design services.

Though our parent company, we act as consultants to help community, religious and voluntary organisations to develop and professionalize their communication strategy and their online presence >>> here.

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