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>>> eWrite features and benefits

eWrite™ Essentials is a web-based suite, of easy to use programs or ‘managers’, designed to help you develop and manage your website and online presence

You are in charge ...
You can draft, publish and update your web pages when and how you like. You decide when content is to go live or expire.

We will help you to add impressive advanced features to your website using eWrite™ Online Support.

No need to learn web programming, HTML or database management 

You can add:

  • Print Friendly pages
  • Tell-a-friend
  • eNewsletter ‘trap’
  • Bread Crumb trails and much more.

  • you do not have to install software to your desktop
  • nor do you need to know code or how to program your web pages
Once set up, you can access your eWrite™ Essentials account at anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection and a common browser (i.e. Internet Explorer /Firefox). We provide secure hosting from facilities in Dublin and New York, to provide you with 99.99% uptime and a range of website applications to:

Manage your web site ...
Giving you the control and the ability to manage your website and online presence, is our core philosophy. eWrite™ Essentials puts you in control of structuring, publishing and updating your web content. Depending on your individual requirements we can provide you with file and directory management, any necessary templates and site mapping to make managing your website possible and easy to maintain.

We can provide you with online support to develop your websites potential. And should you wish, we can provide you with a range of maintenance options to choose from, up to and including a full outsourcing service, where you do what you know best manage your business or organization and we manage your information communication technology needs.

Update your web content ...
eWrite™ Essentials offers a familiar, icon-based interface with a built-in-editor for publishing and updating your web content. Knowing HTML or web programming is not required; eWrite is powerful enough to provide you with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment to work with. [If you have some knowledge of HTML or would be interested in getting to know the basics you will be able to modify and view pages at source level. You have complete freedom to do so.]

With eWrite™ you have a drafting or ‘sandbox’ facility to work on your content so that you can preview your pages exactly as they will look on the Internet before you make them 'live'. Other features in the editor, include tools for uploading and managing images and files - audio or video, adding links and creating tables, plus many more.

Promoting and marketing your website … made-easy
eWrite™ Messenger is an intuitive and very powerful email marketing and promotional tool that will allow you:
  • Develop and maintain a full contact mailing list. You will be able to acquire, manage and filter visitor initiated sign ups off your website – or manually enter them at will.
  • Mass email broadcast or publish relevant or timely information through a choice of templates for webpages, eNewsletter, Press Release, other.

eWrite™ Messenger is easy to use and maintain and will mean that you can create professional text-based or graphic enhanced messages cost effectively. You can even check your finalized email for a ‘spam score’ that will allow you to go back and make the necessary changes if the score is too high.

Tracking your visitors ...
Understanding your website visitors and their actions is crucial to having the ability to analysing and increasing traffic to your site. Working with GOOGLE analytics and statistics for your web site, you will have access to important statistics and be able to monitor visitor movements with eWrite™ Essentials .

Know what websites people are coming from when they reach your site, what browsers they are using, what pages on your website are the most popular, how much time people spend on them and much much more.

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