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With eWrite™ Lite, you can manage and update your web site content, images and much more !!! 

Using eWrite™ Lite, you can effectively manage and update your web pages

To use eWrite™ Lite, you do not need to learn complicated code or programming nor download or install software to your computer. If you are familiar with the look 'n feel of MicroSoft Word and know how to access the internet you will be able to use eWrite™ Lite.
... You can access eWrite™ lite from any web browser at any time.

Manage & Update your content with eWrite Lite
You can create new pages, view, edit and update your content using a familiar looking interface. eWrite™ Lite contains all the tools you will need to edit fonts, colours, tables, images and more.

Manage your images and your files
You can upload, search and view files easily from within eWrite™ Lite. You can manage documents, images, audio or video files quickly and easily. See also our NEW powerful media embedding facility.

Indexing your site - for those of you technically minded
When you save any page, eWrite™ Lite will update your site RSS Feed and Sitemap. RSS stands for 'Real Simple Syndication', it is a method of making your site available to Feed readers such as Google Reader. You can read more about RSS from Wikipedia. Sitemaps allow search engines such as Google to easily see a complete list of the pages on your site and how often they are updated making for more effective searches of your site. You can read more about Sitemaps from sitemaps.org.

Promoting & Tracking your sites progress
eWrite™ Lite was designed to work with Google Analytics.  When you begin using eWrite™ Lite, we will add Google Anaytics to your site which will allow you:

  • view the visitors to your site,
  • see which pages on your site are the most popular
  • and much more useful information.

Online support    You are not alone !  
At any time when your are logged into eWrite™ Lite you can request online support. You can use online support to request assistance such as adding new interactive facilities to your site. We are always pleased to receive feedback.



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